The Student Services Program

The Student Services is committed to the balanced and integrated development of students through its coordinated programs and services that will complement the academic offerings of the University. These were established in order to pinpoint responsibility and accountability of personnel and to effect smooth flow of work and coordination of the different student services of the school.

The Office of the Student Affairs

This Office helps the University in creating an integrated learning experience that helps students reach their educational, personal, and professional aspirations by enhancing their full potential in school and after graduation. It helps create a campus community where students are prepared to contribute to a changing world with social values and understanding of ethical behavior that compliments social responsibility and peace-loving, patriotic Filipino.

The Office also serves as the official communication link with other authorities in the University and the student body on matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities/programs and student discipline. It also acts as the extension of the Administration on matters related to the implementation of University regulations concerning appropriate student behavior. Headed and managed by the Director of Student Affairs under whom are the following Adiver/s and Coordinator/s:
  • Coordinator, Guidance, Counseling and Testing
  • Coordinator, Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Coordinator, Library Services
  • Adviser/s, University Student Council
  • Adviser/s, University Student Publication
  • Coordinator, Graduate School Student Council
    • Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
    • Master in Public Administration (MPA)
    • Master in Business Administration (MBA)


The Office of Student Affairs envisions to be the center for holistic student development that provide an integrated learning in a fast-changing technological world.

The Student Affairs is committed to inspire, educate, and support students in their efforts to develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and dispositions (KSAVD) in order to be globally competitive individuals.

Objectives of the Program
  1. Create a working environment with the technologically advanced equipment and facilities, updated information system and complete testing, guidance and counseling facilities.
  2. Attract the finest students by providing the unique “DHVTSU-experience,” an organizational climate that is individually satisfying that could meet the social needs of students and at the same time, the attainment of the mission and the vision of the University to produce highly competent technologists and high-quality human resources technology provider.
  3. Monitor Student Affairs program of activities/projects.
  4. Provide leadership and support to University-wide student affairs programs that contribute in the total development of the personhood of students through experiential learning opportunities.
  5. Democratize access to quality education of poor but deserving students.
Student Affairs Values
Student Affairs is dedicated to:
  1. Delivering high quality services to all students through collaboration with the concerned faculties/teachers and other departments of the University;
  2. Creating dynamic living and learning communities that promote intellectual and spiritual growth and development;
  3. Promoting a work environment where the staff/personnel is valued and respected; and
  4. Honoring diversity and fostering mutual respect among students, faculty and staff by encouraging a culture of understanding, belonging and civility.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Takes charge of the direction and supervision of the organized student activities conducted by the students of the University through the University Student Council.
  2. Implements the rules and regulations governing organized student activities for the purpose of maximizing the potential of students.
  3. Implements strategic plans of guidance and counseling, scholarships and financial assistance and library services.
  4. Evaluates, accredits and recognizes student organizations whode objectives, and constitution and by-laws are aligned with the University's policies, non-subversive and geared towards institutional brotherhood, camaraderie and productivity.
  5. Formulates, recommends and implements rules and regulations governing organized student activities in accordance with the general policies of the University.
  6. Participates in the formulation of policies concerning the welfare and interests of students.
  7. Coordinates the activities of the students in the educationsl, with curricular and non-curricular activities, social and cultural affairs.
  8. Approves the posting of promotional materials advertisements within the campus;
  9. Develops guidelines and procedures for starting a new student organization;
  10. Implements training programs and workshops designed to help student organization members develop better organizational and leadership skills;
  11. Provides administrative support and supervision to the official student publication;
  12. Facilitates the conduct of election of the University Student Council;
  13. Keeps and maintains information system on student organizations and;
  14. Performs other functions as may be delegated by the University President.
  1. Directs the entire guidance program as it is organized in the school. He/she is immediately responsible for coordianting and supervising the services, which the school guidance program offers. He/she does not merely direct the work of other but has himself/herself contacts with the school administrators, teachers, and students;
  2. Spearheads planning of all the guidance services within the school system;
  3. Checks the progress of the guidance program, its quality and its extent;
    • leads action for improvement of guidance services;
    • helps define guidance services for the school;
    • prepares a quarterly review of the program's progress and for recommending policies adopted to local conditions in the school;
    • submits the annual report/accomplishment report to the Office of the Student Affairs;
    • takes charge of correspondence pertaining to guidance, counseling and testing;
  4. Formulates the general objectives and specific goals the guidance program expects to achieve in terms of the whole school and of the individual student.
    • provides consultation conferences for discussion of guidance objectives before finalization of the objectives;
    • guides the team in the formulation of objectives;
    • coordinates with team in carrying out of objectives evaluating this from year to year and making those changes which the team members may recommend for the correction of weaknesses and/or updating methods for further improvement of the strength of the program;
  5. Serves as a specialist whom others (administrators, counselors, teachers and students) can consult in the unusual problem of counseling or to whom cases, such as various student cases/incidents, can be referred to and acted upon;
  6. Defines the role of the counselors, the responsibilities they carry, and the services they can perform in:
    • educational counseling
    • vocational counseling
    • personal and social counseling
    • testing
    • services to administrators and teachers
    • other services where their assistance may be needed in the tasks of the guidance team
  7. Supervises the counselors and guidance workers (tenured or new), helping them to continually improve and master techniques
    • educational counseling;
    • assists the staff in providing information services and general directions;
    • holds staff meetings once a month to improve the effectiveness of the staff in carrying out the guidance activities as defined in the objectives; other meetings may be called or asked for by atleast two members of the team;
    • keeps the counselors posted or give them information on the latest development in the field of guidance-brochures, subscriptions to educational journals and periodicals
  8. Attends workshops, seminars, and conferences and/or assigns the particular staff member who should do so, depending on the subject or theme of the workshop, etc.
  9. Participates in the recruitment, screening, and selection of guidance personnel.
  10. participates in the statistical studies deemed necessary by the office for evaluating data gathered in the course of the implementation of the guidance program.
  11. Administers entrance examinations to all applicants for enrolment to the different academic programs;
  12. Scores and releases the results of the University entrance examination and submits the lsit of qualified applicants to the respective College Dean/Campus Directors for approcal
  1. Takes charge of the different scholarship and educational grants offered to students either by the University, the national government or by any interested individual, group of persons or private company;
  2. Disseminates information on possible scholarship slots;
  3. Prepares and implements the Memorandum of Agreement between the grantor and the University;
  4. Conducts the screening of interested students wishing to avail of the scholarship grant;
  5. Undertakes the processing of scholarship papers of the students;
  6. Takes charge of the Student Assistance Program and Student Financial Assistance Program of the University;
  7. Solicits and scouts for possible scholarships/grants from philanthropic individuals, civic organizations, public and private agencies as donor-sponsors to deserving students;
  8. Develops in coordination with the donors, the criteria and procedures for the selection of scholars and grantees for the various grants and scholarship slots;
  9. Coordinates with the Office of Admissions and the Guidance and Counseling Services Center in the screening and selection of scholars and student-grantees in the various academic programs and courses;
  10. Posts information on various scholarship grants and financial assistance available for the students;
  11. Coordinates with the accounting office in providing control mechanism over the inflow and outflow of financial assistance for students;
  12. Keeps an up-to-date list of scholars and grantees and regularly checks on their academic performance to ensure that assistance is given to appropriate recipients;
  13. Assists students who generally belong to the "poor but deserving" group to find ways and means of financial support (through scholarships and grants) for educational purposes;
  14. provides assistance to students who wish to apply for a student financial loan or any form of available scholarship grant/program.
  1. The Chief Librarian closely coordinates with the Director of Student Affairs and with the different Colleges/Campus in determining the book/s needed by the students.
  2. Makes clippings, refernce books, interest and hobby books, magazines and other periodicals available at the Library.
  3. Updates the collection of the Library holdings by inquiring from the faculty their needed books and other materials.
  4. Facilitates the procurement of new collection.
  5. Scouts for possible donors of books and other materials.
  1. Assists in accrediting student clubs and organizations;
  2. Monitors the projects and activities of the University Student Council/Govenrment including its financial statement;
  3. Endorses USC requests for funding (projects, training, seminars) and the use of University facilities;
  4. Recommends University-wide activities geared towards the wholesome development of the student (mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and morally);
  5. Develops procedures and standards for evaluating student organizations for recognition;
  6. Guides, coordinate and monitors the programs, projects and activites of the University Student Council;
  7. Plans training programs and workshops designed to help student organization members develop better organizational and leadership skills ;
  8. Evaluates the USC's performance and recognizes outstanding accomplishments;
  9. Consults with and assists student organization leaders and advisers on organizational leadership program, projects and activities;
  1. Coordinates through the Committee on Student Publication, the annual selection of editorial staff of the University student publication in conformity with the provisions of the Campus Journalism Act of 1991;
  2. Submits the list of student journalists who are qualified to be members of the Editorial Board of the University student publication to the Committee on Student Publications;
  3. Initiates capability-building programs and activities for campus journalists;
  4. Provides guidance to and oversight of the financial operation of the student publications;
  5. Recommends outstanding student journalists to the Director for Student Affairs for appropriate awards;
  6. Recommends student journalists who shall represent the University in any journalism-related competitions, conferences, workshops, seminars and fora;
  7. Coordinates with the various academic units/college departments on essential matters and important issues related to student publications.
  1. Prepare all needed documents for the accreditation of the organization;
  2. Communicate all related activities of the organization to the Office of the Student Affairs for approval;
  3. Endorses Graduate School Student Council requests for funding (projects, training, seminars) and the use of University facilities;
  4. Recommends University-wide activities geared towards the holistic development of the graduate school students;
  5. Guides, coordinates and monitors the programs, projects and activities of the Graduate School Council;
  6. Plans and implements training programs and workshops designed to help Graduate School Council members develop organizational and leadership skills;
  7. Attend meetings at the Office of the Student Affairs to represent the organization.


Ms. Gloria B. Gigante, Ed.D.
Director, Office of Student Affairs

Student Services Unit Coordinators

Ms. Agnes M. Castro
Coordinator, Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Mrs. Rachelle T. Pamintuan
Coordinator, Testing

Mrs. Maria D. Dimatulac
Coordinator, Guidance and Counseling

Mrs. Suzette B. Macaspac
Coordinator, Library Services

Mrs. Maria Faustina A. Zapanta
Guidance Counselor

Mr. Robin D. Abillanoza
President, University Student Council with Advisers

Mr. Lowell G. Manicdao, Jr.
Edito-in-Chief, Student Publication
The Industrialist

Ms. Glenda Rose C. Borbajo
Office Secretary, Student Affairs

Ms. Jamaica B. Gemperoa
Office Secretary, Student Affairs