Guidance and counselling is an integral part of the total educational process. It provides services that will lead to the development of knowledge, skills and the self-reliance needed by the students to make satisfactory adjustments for themselves and the society. The counselor is reponsible to all students, not to the few. In order to provide effective professional services, it is necessary to work not only with the students but with others who bear responsibility or influence the education of students.


  • To provide services that will enable the students to gain the greatest benefits from the curriculum
  • To provide services for personal development as it relates to educational development
  • To provide services that will enable students to make appropriate plans for their educational and vocational futures,
  • To provide routinely an interval and on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of the guidance and counseling program under administrative supervision and, when requested, provide similar evaluative services for other aspects of the educational program


Given the intended guidance and counseling services, students are expected:

  • To gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses and to demonstrate self-acceptance
  • To be able to plan their life, establish short and long-term goals and to make wise career decision
  • To be able to cope with the college life through orientation on study habits, test-taking, etc.
  • To be able to handle personal problems and crisis situations


Mrs. Maria D. Dimatulac
Coordinator, Guidance and Counseling

Mrs. Maria Faustina A. Zapanta
Guidance Counselor