dhvtsu logo512px

The LOGO is designed to be the visual representation of our University’s mission, vision and values. The emblem mirrors the school’s identity and its aspiration to be a premiere technological state university of the country.

RED evokes aggressiveness, passion, strength and vitality. While the GOLD color showcases both the illumination and warm aspects of the professional and intellectual environment that the University provides the students. It was also built on a foundation that is not only contemporary but also representative of the solid foundation with our 152 year history and legacy as leading institution of higher education and the oldest vocational school in the Far East.

The FLAME is symbolic of the KNOWLEDGE which always burns brightly and never goes out. It is the school’s commitment and quest to continue to serve as an institution of higher learning as it continues to grow and to spread this same spirit and fervor to its students.

ONE HAND HOLDING THE TORCH represents the countless individuals’ never-ending quest for enlightenment and equal access to quality education. The OTHER HAND, however, defines the University’s purpose since the time it was founded which is to provide access to higher vocational professional and technological instruction and training. It is also symbolic of the School’s Administration as it works hand in hand with its clientele in the realization of its goals.

FOUR RINGS from which the hands seem to emerge is reflective of DHVTSU’s four-pronged commitment which is to provide advanced instruction in Research, Extension, Training, and Production activities for Sustainable Development.

The GEAR represents Industry and Technology which considered to be the direction of the Flagship courses of the University. The gear’s seemingly continuous turn invites discovery and investigation into the realm of the ever-changing worldwide technologies. Located at the base along with the four concentric circles, it also symbolizes the solid foundation which the school embodies.

The OPEN BOOK is representative of the Education that the University brings to all. It bears the watermarked images of the different programs offered by DHVTSU to express its holistic and comprehensive curricular offerings.

The SCIENTIFIC ATOM representation which consists of three inseparable rings in apparent motion form the backdrop for the hands. This image represents the advancement in Science and Technology which the University espouses. Its GREEN color represents its environmentally-conscious direction. Furthermore, the circles symbolize that the school’s aspiration in contributing to the nation-building, its activities and intentions which are mutually reinforcing.

The RISING SUN with its bursting rays of light represents Learning and Enlightenment. The rays of the sun symbolize hope and self-realization.

The words “DON HONORIO VENTURA TECHNOLOGICAL STATE UNIVERSITY” are set in Arial Black, a classic, timeless san-serif typeface. Contemporary sans serif design, Arial contains more humanist characteristics than many of its predecessors and as such, is more in tune with the mood of the last decades of the 20th century. Emerging from the same historical and cultural milieu as DHVTSU, the typeface is said to reflect values – it is straightforward, self-assured and unpretentious character makes it an appropriate choice for the UNIVERSITY EMBLEM.

The NEW SEAL conveys hope or a bright future for each member of the DHVTSU community as it continues over the horizon for lifetime journey of enlightenment, triumph and progress.