The ideal Filipino learner in our rapidly changing world is one who is empowered for lifelong learning and is an active maker of meaning wherever he/she is. Such an empowered learner is competent in learning how to learn and has life skills so that he/she becomes a self-developed person who is makabayan (respectful of nation), makatao (mindful of humanity), makakalikasan (respectful of nature), and maka-Diyos (Godly). This is the vision of the Philippine basic education both for formal and non-formal education.


Empowered Filipino children and youth who are culturally rooted, morally virile, responsible, hardworking, refined, enterprising, persevering, and public-spirited, equipped with world-class skills and imbued with such values as “maka-Diyos, maka-Tao, maka-Bayan, at maka-Kalikasan”.

To enhance education by providing holistic and quality curricular and co-curricular program, projects and activities that will prepare the Filipino children and youth towards global competition.


  • Continue the general education started in elementary;
  • Prepare the learners for college work; and
  • Prepare the learners for world of work

Academic Programs

  • Secondary Education (Laboratory High School)
    Basic Education Curriculum
    Special Math and Science Curriculum

Academic Guidelines

The laboratory Training Department offers a modified Basic Education Curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education.

Student performance both academic and shop instruction are graded numerically. 75 and above are passing grades, 74 and below are failing grades. The lowest possible grade is 65. The ceiling grades for the following grading periods are as follows:

85 – first grading period
90 – second grading period
95 – third and fourth grading periods

The final grade is computed by means of the averaging method.

The subject professor/instructor computes and submits each student’s grades for every grading period to the class adviser. The class adviser records them on the Form 138-A (Report Card) and Form 137-A (Student’s Permanent Record) and submit them to the Registrar’s Office.


Co-curricular activities include activities such as quiz bee, arts and craft competitions, oratorical contests and the like, that support the academic program of the College.

Extra-curricular activities are those activities not related to the academic program of the College but are designed to complement the course of learning of the students. They are intended to produce the desired social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the pupils, and to meet their varying needs and interests. Students organizations, scouting, seminars/trainings, field trips, athletics, community outreach and the like, will make up the extra-curricular program.


If a student fails in one or two subjects (i.e., after computing his average grade from the first to fourth grading period), he will only be admitted in this University if he passes the failed subject(s) in a summer class.

If a student fails in more than two subjects after computing his average grade from first to fourth grading period, he will not be admitted in this University anymore.

Any student who has repeatedly enrolled and eventually dropped for two times with no justifiable reason shall be dismissed from the department.

Any student who frequently violates school rules and regulations as reflected in his/her permanent record will not be admitted in the following school year.


Faculty & Staff

Principal, Laboratory High School 

Faculty Members

  1. Alimurong, Rodel T.
  2. Baluyut, Jennifer S. 
  3. Clarette, Angel C.
  4. Cordova, Rolando Jr. G.
  5. Cortez, Fortunato 
  6. Crisostomo, Franklin G.
  7. Delos Reyes, Eler G.
  8. Escoto, Kristine S.
  9. Flores, Anabelle S.
  10. Flores, Marianne M. 
  11. Galang, Edna T. 
  12. Galang, Matilde T. 
  13. Galang, Paulita D. 
  14. Galura, Jeanne C. 
  15. Lansang, Corina P.
  16. Laxamana, Herminio T.
  17. Layco, Eddiebal P. 
  18. Lazaro, Medalma R. 
  19. Licup, Pamela B. 
  20. Malit,Jane M. 
  21. Manaois, Sofia Luz M.
  22. Mangilit, Ronell M. 
  23. Mercado, Plato B. 
  24. Moran, Allen A. 
  25. Nicdao, Criselda G.
  26. Nicdao, Nova H. 
  27. Parico, Aldrin H. 
  28. Puebla, Joan N. 
  29. Quizon, Jo-Eliza C.
  30. Requine, Raul